Vision, Mission & Objectives

  • To develop a national education system able to make a youth generation having devotion in Hinduism and full of Patriotism.
  • To make physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual development of the pupils to face the current challenges of their life and make their life devoted in building of the nation prosperous.
  • To provide positive reinforcement of the abilities hidden in the students and to set new standards in the education of them.
  • To act as a light house of society and provide meaningful education and guidance to the students, parents and society.
  • To provide free enrichment classes for students weak in any subject and give highest level of the world exposure through campus and competitions
  • To provide frequent interactions between home and college.
  • To face educational challenges arising from economic, linguistic and cultural diversity.
  • To welcome suggestions from parents, well wishers & educationsists for the enhancement of education and society.